you won't find me here

i'm far away ... far away

and even though i'm lying here

i'm far away ... far away

riding on my bicycle

my heart's up in the air

i'm everywhere

i know i'm beautiful

your wedding ring and pants are on the floor

they are not real ... i do not feel you

you're scaring me ... you lock the door

i made a deal ... my lips are sealed

stop calling out my name

you are taking me away

i am ashamed

now i know my abcs

next time there'll be less of me

now there are words like estrogen and wrinkling

middle age women

a mirror woes ... where she been

so far away ... so yesterday

a voice was left behind ... a ghost ... a girl


if i am an oyster shell ... well ... where's the pearl

i know my abcs

there'll be no next time for me