Cross Of Gold
1st Verse:

Where do you stand

What is your statement

What is it you're trying to say

What's in your hand

What's in your basement

What's in the cards you don't play

Are you holding the key

Or are you intending

To pick the lock of heaven's gate

It's confusing to me

The message you're sending

And I don't know if I can relate


What's your line

Tell me why you wear your cross of gold

State of mind

Or does it find a way into your soul

2nd Verse:

Is it a flame

Is it a passion

A symbol of love living in you

Or is it a game

Religious in fashion

Some kind of phase you're going thru

We all travel the extremes

From cellar to rafter

Looking for a place in the sun

So I'm trying to see

What you're headed after

But I don't know where you're coming from