Theres a Light That Never Goes Out
Oh ! Take me back to dear old Blighty,Put me on the train for London Town,Take me anywhere,Drop me anywhere,Liverpool, Leeds or Birmingham'Cause I don't care,

I should like to see...

Violent person ...

Farewell to this land's cheerless marshesHemmed in like a boar between archesHer very Lowness with a head in a slingI'm truly sorry - but it sounds like a wonderful thing

I said Charles, don't you ever craveTo appear on the front of the Daily MailDressed in your Mother's bridal veil ?Oh ...And so, I checked all the registered historical factsAnd I was shocked into shame to discoverHow I'm the 18th pale descendantOf some old queen or other

Oh, has the world changed, or have I changed ?Oh has the world changed, or have I changed ?

Some 9-year old tough who peddles drugsI swear to GodI swear : I never even knew what drugs were

Oh ...So, I broke into the palaceWith a sponge and a rusty spannerShe said :