The Ingredients Of Love
Angie Stone feat. Musiq Soulchild

The Ingredients Of Love

You think we can do this (Yeah, uh)

(Yeah, yeah)

[1] - How do we make love

And what's it truly made of

How do we make love

And what is it truly made of

Oh yeah, oh yeah

Gimme an ounce of some honesty

Some innocence and a cup of loyalty

A tablespoon of some attitude

And of course a pinch of freak

At least a pound of conversation

Some attention when it comes to relation

Two quarts of intelligence

And a gallon of righteousness, oh

[Repeat 1]

Yeah, yeah yeah (Yeah, yeah)

What I need is a smiggen of strength and a whole lot of stamina

What I want is a liter of respect and a damn good listener

Well if it means anything to you

Girl, I feel the same way you do

So let's let it marinate for about 365 days

[Repeat 1]

Oh baby, listen girl

Baby I need to feel it's blended to perfection

Love is spledid

In connection with old fashion remedies and recipes of love

Oh yeah

And sugar, won't matter what the friends in ?? eat

I'll be sippin' on every drop of the main ingredient

It's tastey love, yeah yeah

[Repeat 1 until fade]