as I Can Never Go Home Anymore
I'm gonna hide if she don't leave me alone

I'm gonna run away


'Cause you can never go home anymore

SPOKEN: Listen. Does this sound familiar? You wake up every morning, go to

school every day, spend your nights on the corner just passing the time away.

Your life is so lonely like a child without a toy. Then a miracle-a boy. And that's

called "glad." Now my mom is a good mom and she loves me with all her heart.

But she said I was too young to be in love and the boy and I would have to part.

And no matter how I ranted and raved, I screamed, I pleaded, I cried-she told me it

was not really love but only my girlish pride. And that's called "bad."

(Never go home anymore)

SPOKEN: Now if that's happened to you, don't let this. I packed my clothes and

left home that night. Though she begged me to stay, I was sure I was right. And

you know something funny?? I forgot that boy right away. Instead I remember

being tucked in bed and hearing my mama say

(Hush, little baby, don't you cry)

(Mama won't go away)


(You can never go home anymore)


I can never go home anymore

SPOKEN: Do you ever get that feeling and wanna kiss and hug her? Do it now-

tell her you love her. Don't do to your mom what I did to mine. She grew so lonely

in the end. Angels picked her for a friend.


And I can never go home (never) anymore

And that's called "sad