Anti Procrastination Song
I think about you every night

I'm losing sleep, I can't let you slip away, don't slip away

Now we can't keep this silence up, I've had enough

We need to find another way, or the words to say

Girl, I think I know but I've been wrong before

I need you now, I couldn't want you more

You're gonna feel what I already know, we need each other so don't let go, no


You're gonna miss me when I'm gone, you're gonna feel the way I do

You can try to hide it, but you're gonna miss me

You're gonna miss my loving touch that you know you need so much

Yeah you're gonna miss me, just like I miss you

Oh it's true

If there's a problem, a shadow of doubt, we'll work it out

Your heart's gonna let you know, which way to go

So don't let a good thing die tonight

We've got the chance and we can make it right

Your eyes can tell me just what we should do

It's never too late girl for me and you



Oh, you're gonna miss me

chorus to fade