I left my body down on an altar in flames,

I have to meet my own heaven or hell,

No one can see me, no one can touch me,

I'm waiting now your big mistake.

Before that night I cast a spell on myself,

My spirit will stay here and haunt them.

I'll break the tombstone, I'll feed my hunger

With their dreams, with their regrets.

In the fire a body lays,

The night will shelter the ghoul!

Side by side with the wolves she cries,

She's ready to avenge her soul.

They watch my body burn in flames,

They spread my ashes in the wind.

She is the leader of our secret society.

She will guide our destiny.

They thought she's gone,

But she was sent back from the dead.

Her silent curse, her silent tears haunt them,

Her evil sight in the dead of night,

Her evil voice leave them with no choice

'Cause she was a demon in a human skin...

Eye for an eye and sin for a sin

Is her law.

In 1390 I was condemned

By the unholy inquisition to burn

For all my sins, for my beliefs,

Because I followed the old ways.

With my disciples I was caught in the act,

While we were speaking with the stars,

We've dropped our flesh and from our skins

We've built for us a whole new world.