So many haters are clocking our figures

So many haters don't like us rakin papers

But all we did was bring garage through

From the underground straight to you

Used to wanna screw and boo

Now they wanna join the crew

[Mac & Skat-D]

T to the H, U to the G

Thuggin and we'll be till we D.I.E

M to the A to the C that's me


3 thugs representing so solid family

Stackin the chips an the bricks,

You'll see:.. You'll see


M-a-c's taking over,

Ladies call me cassanova

I thought I told you I'm a so solid soldier

You see me coming in a broke down Nova

Mind out cus you will get run over

Reason be I'm a so solid soldier

Reason be I'm a so solid soldier

Reason be I'm a so solid soldier

I thought that I told ya


You wanna hate on me cus I'm the one that's chosen

Looking kinda frozen

L double O flow, you don't know, don't know

So solid is a family, we got a key in this life

To just make it, break it

Hate it don't ya

Ya'll better recognise me like a true solid soldier



Now you believe in us

Wanna roll with us

Get lean with us

Before you was hatin us

Are you sure you believe in us

You said we would never bust

Now you hand you roll up and you smoke the dust

Its better you bite the dust

I'm crazy believe me trust

Like a grenade im about to bust

While you playing your hatin us

When I bust all you see is dust

If you're here then your feelin us

I won't sweat but I'm serious

Suicide and dangerous

So solid can you handle us

So solid can you handle us




Crooky nigga going a trip

Use your cast now I'm writing the rich

I quit, now I've had my turn on the rips

I better tripping in the base,

I'm a vocalist

You must be mad, to come on the fray mad

You see your friend and there really your friends dad

Cus if I hit ya will you really defend that

Just remember your wife and 2 kids


Yaga Yo

Why you watchin me

Why you clockin me

Why you hatin me

Why you biting me

Is it the ice, I'm on fire

Is it the cream, I got fire

Is it the hits

Is it the whips

Is it the tricks

Please let me know.



While you be hatin its money I makin

I'm demonstrating, your honey I'm takin

I talk now cus the players are hatin

I'm at home but the front a be waiting


It's on this year

Better beware

Clips and we bust like a firing line of duty

It's on this year

Better beware

Clips and we bust like a firing line of duty


Don't give me no bullshit

Hesitant never step to the clique

With a droll like yo and the ice style clips

And the ice on my wrist

Ya'll haters aint shit

So solids my clique

And were making the hits

And were making you sick

And were spitting the bricks

With a thoughtless eclipse

[Chorus to Fade