Playas Roll
[Russell Lee]


[Lucky Talking]

Yeah they know what time it is..

Russel Lee in here with Happy P..

Paul Wall and Chamillionaire..

Man, it's going down..


Ay, it look like a G in the knot but, it's not, it's three

Time is money, you don't wanna chase the clock with me

I squat in the drop, not a dirty spot to see

Stand on top of my dough in the desert, and spot the sea

My money's tall, I been born to stack chips

Ignore my taxes, frame on the lack list

Hop on the mattress to get pornographic

Make a move on the chick, and move on to that sis

Hits, Chamillionaire he raps

So she lifts up the shirt show the bra with two straps

But how ironic is that, cause the boy can do that

I lift up my shirt, so the boy got two straps

Gotta strap up, I gotta be safe sexin

So I strap up, I gotta keep a weapon

It's Koopa protectin my health cause so many girls call me boo

Im scared of myself, haha

But they lucky, get the chedder and buck

Cause me and Lucky we both be tryin a get in a vault

Make bronze money turn greener than the incredible hulk

But I'm pain in full, vato what you thought...Koopa


Believe that, money ain't nothin..

Specially you bout yo business..

Ay, Russ let em' know how these playas roll..


[Russell Lee]

I come here to let you know, just how us playas roll

These boys betta pay what they owe, cause I gotta keep my money long

Gotta keep on hustling, can't keep on struggeling

My life, my feddi, my niggaz, my family and thats all I know

[Lucky Luciano]

Who make yo head bob like Marley and stay Brown like Charlie

Money to throw away with more green than Tommy-acapo