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Режи Дебре


Regis Debray

Фотография Режи Дебре (photo Regis Debray)

День рождения: 02.09.1940 года
Возраст: 77 лет
Место рождения: Париж, Франция

Quotes of Regis Debray

Французский левый философ, политик

  • ⋅God, a born extremist, is the diplomat's worst enemy. Quite apart from the fact that His decrees are irrevocable, the Absolute will not allow anyone to relativize matters. /Regis Debray
  • ⋅Books were the sustenance of God. And His munitions. /Regis Debray
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅Since the Cuban Revolution and since the invasion of Santo Domingo a state of emergency has existed in Latin America. The Marines shoot at anything that moves, regardless of partyaffiliation. /Regis Debray
  • ⋅Difference is not the opposite of harmony but its condition. /Regis Debray
  • ⋅The prime role of a leader is to offer an example of courage and sacrifice. /Regis Debray
  • ⋅Machines will never be able to give the thinking process a model of thought itself, since machines are not mortal. What gives humans access to the symbolic domain of value and meaning is the fact that we die. /Regis Debray
  • ⋅Truly, more than removing the partition between vectors and values, we would have needed to talk about strengthening crisscrossed lacings: an intertwined kind of understanding that would de-ideologize 'ideologies,' desanctify sanctities, but also mentalize the material bases of systems of inscription, and psychoanalyze not souls but tools. That is, in one and the same gesture, make our mnemo-technic equipment intelligible as mentality and our mental equipment intelligible as technology. /Regis Debray
  • ⋅We are never completely contemporaneous with our present. History advances in disguise; it appears on stage wearing a mask of the preceding scene, and we tend to lose the meaning of the play. /Regis Debray
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