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Фотография  Авицена (photo  Avicenna)

Quotes of Avicenna

врач, философ

  • ⋅As to the mental essence, we find it in infants devoid of every mental form. / Avicenna
  • ⋅Now it is established in the sciences that no knowledge is acquired save through the study of its causes and beginnings, if it has had causes and beginnings; nor completed except by knowledge of its accidents and accompanying essentials. / Avicenna
  • ⋅That whose existence is necessary must necessarily be one essence. / Avicenna
  • ⋅The knowledge of anything, since all things have causes, is not acquired or complete unless it is known by its causes. / Avicenna
  • ⋅The world is divided into men who have wit and no religion and men who have religion and no wit. / Avicenna
  • ⋅Therefore in medicine we ought to know the causes of sickness and health. / Avicenna
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  • ⋅There was a time when everyone thought that Earth was flat. Did this unanimous consensus make any difference to the shape of Earth? / Avicenna
  • ⋅Words can mean different things to different people. It is important to understand what people mean when they use a certain word. Let's make an example. Take the word gay. Fifty years ago, gay meant exclusively cheerfulness, lighthearted excitement, merry or bright colors. Today this word has a different meaning. You won't call a cheerful person gay because it could be understood as something else. / Avicenna
  • ⋅Islam does not mean peace. It means submission. The word "peace" for Muslims has a different meaning. Peace, according to Muslims, will be achieved when everyone submits to Islam. Muslims can't offer peace. They can offer truce. In their minds, peace will be achieved only when you are subdued and they are the masters. Any other arrangement is not Islamic. / Avicenna
  • ⋅Muhammad divided the world in two sectors. One he called Dar us Salam (House of Peace) and the other, Dar al Harb (House of War). All countries, where Islam is not the ruling authority, are Dar al Harb. It is the duty of the Muslims to wage Jihad in Dar al Harb, overthrow the governments and force people into submission. This is the only kind of peace that Islam recognizes. / Avicenna
  • ⋅There is no compulsion in Islam. You convert "voluntarily". But you are free not to convert by accepting subjugation, humiliation, discrimination and constant harassment. What can be more democratic? / Avicenna
  • ⋅Muslims have different meanings for the same words that we use. They are so convinced of the "truth" of Islam that they do not perceive Jihad/terrorism, or dhimmitude as violence. / Avicenna
  • ⋅The life of a non-Muslim to Muslim is worth as much as the life of a chicken is worth to you and me. We don't go around killing every chicken we see. In fact we keep them and feed them as long as they are useful to us. But we don't lose sleep when we have to slaughter them. So it is not that Muslims will necessarily go around massacring every non-Muslim. As long as these non-Muslims are useful to them, they are granted protection. / Avicenna
  • ⋅The world of Islam is a world completely distinct from ours. Muslims have a different set of values. They look at the world through the contorted mirror of Islam and everything they see is warped. That is the only reality they know. Islam is their only point of reference. Therefore when they commit the most dastardly acts such as murder of school children, they genuinely don't know that what they are doing is evil. / Avicenna
  • ⋅What distinguishes us humans from animals is our conscience. Once our conscience is gone we lose our humanness. Without conscience, humans can be far more dangerous than beasts. Beasts kill for food, humans kill for ideology. Beasts kill just enough to eat. Humans can kill endlessly. / Avicenna
  • ⋅The truth is that the terrorists are motivated by an ideology. It has nothing to do with what we do. They will give you all the excused to justify their terrorism. They will blame the victim. But the truth is that they are doing all these killings because they are waging Jihad. They will continue killing us until we submit and surrender. What they want is establishment of Khalifat worldwide. / Avicenna
  • ⋅Islam takes advantage of two structural flaws that exist in the Western society. One is political correctness and other is the decline of morality. / Avicenna
  • ⋅Political correctness is an intellectual sickness. It means lying when telling the truth is not expedient. It is a disgusting habit and yet it is so widespread and so common that it is considered to be normal. / Avicenna
  • ⋅Muslims insult all other religions. The Quran is an insult to the Jews, the Christians and everyone else. It calls the Jews apes, pigs and rats. All the non-believers are najis (filthy, impure) and hell bond. The Quran even instructs the Muslims to fight the unbelievers, chop their fingertips, behead them, crucify them and deal with them harshly. 5:33, 9:14, 9:73 However, Muslims went berserk when a Danish Newspaper published a few cartoons of Muhammad. / Avicenna
  • ⋅Muslims want the western countries to apologize. Why? because this gives them a sense of empowerment. It makes them feel good about themselves, it stokes their ego. / Avicenna
  • ⋅Political correctness is a major defect of the western ethos. Some Western countries have even passed blasphemy laws that would put you in legal hot waters if you say anything negative about Islam. This means that the truth about Islam cannot be said but Muslims are given total freedom to spread their religion with lies. Islam thrives were truth is suppressed. That is one reason that westerners convert to Islam. They are lied to. How do you expect a society to survive when truth is banned and lies are allowed? / Avicenna
  • ⋅Our sexuality is affected by our fantasies. Some of these fantasies have their roots in our childhood. We have the power to control our thoughts but many people don't do it because they get pleasure in their fantasies. / Avicenna
  • ⋅One thing is to have the protection of human rights for homosexuals and quite something else is this promotion of indecency. It would be immoral and unethical to deny the homosexuals their human rights. But it is also immoral to consider disorders as normal. None of these deviances are biological. They are acquired by fantasizing about them. / Avicenna
  • ⋅It is propaganda that people, who had lived a full life of heterosexuality, were married and had children, were denying their real sexuality all that time. There is historic evidence that entire populations can convert to homosexuality under certain conditions. / Avicenna
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  • ⋅Homosexuality is a cause, much like a religion. What is the philosophy behind gay pride parades? The same philosophy that there is behind Muslim demonstrations! Show of force and promotion of the ethos! Homosexuals promote their lifestyle much like religionists promote their religion. I suppose they realize that the bigger is their number, the more political clout they can wield. / Avicenna
  • ⋅Make no mistake: Homosexuals' human right must be protected. It is bigoted to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation or preferences just as it is to discriminate based on race or religion. Nonetheless there is no justification to promote this lifestyle and pretend that it is normal. / Avicenna
  • ⋅We are living in a culture that if you criticize immorality you could be branded as a "bigot". I am going to lose a lot of support just by saying this. I am not a politician and I am not running a popularity contest. My job is to defend our world from Islam. You asked why the westerners convert to Islam and I must tell the truth as I see it. If that offends anyone, let him be offended. / Avicenna
  • ⋅While the Western society gives total freedom to the individuals to do whatever "consenting adults" please, which admittedly is better than having the government poke into your private life and your bedroom, like in Islamic countries, there are no moral compasses to tell what is right from wrong. The very notion of right and wrong has come under question. The motto is "if it feels good do it". Hedonism rules! / Avicenna
  • ⋅Talking about morality can be offensive. Morality is a politically incorrect subject. Many people are genuinely offended if someone speaks of morality and family values. It is okay if you talk about your sexual fantasies and deviances. This is called "liberation". But you would be frowned at if you talk about morality in public. Then you'd be accused of trying to impose your values on others. / Avicenna
  • ⋅Nature hates vacuum. Once a society is depleted of moral values, it creates a vacuum that will be filled by doctrines that hold to such values, even though those values are draconian and oppressive. In fact the more a society is devoid of morality, the more promising prudish and unpermissive doctrines look. Licentious societies create a spiritual vacuum that legalistic religions such as Islam fill. / Avicenna

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