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Адам Смит


Adam Smith

Фотография Адам Смит (photo Adam Smith)

День рождения: 05.06.1723 года
Возраст: 67 лет
Место рождения: Керколди, Великобритания
Дата смерти: 17.07.1790 года
Место смерти: Эдинбург, США

Quotes of Adam Smith

Английский экономист и философ

  • ⋅To found a great empire for the sole purpose of raising up a people of customers, may at first sight appear a project fit only for a nation of shopkeepers. It is, however, a project altogether unfit for a nation of shopkeepers, but extremely fit for a nation that is governed by shopkeepers. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅The propensity to truck, barter and exchange one thing for another is common to all men, and to be found in no other race of animals. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Adventure upon all the tickets in the lottery, and you lose for certain; and the greater the number of your tickets the nearer your approach to this certainty. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅What can be added to the happiness of a man who is in health, out of debt, and has a clear conscience? /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Resentment seems to have been given us by nature for a defense, and for a defense only! It is the safeguard of justice and the security of innocence. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Humanity is the virtue of a woman, generosity that of a man. /Adam Smith
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅The machines that are first invented to perform any particular movement are always the most complex, and succeeding artists generally discover that, with fewer wheels, with fewer principles of motion, than had originally been employed, the same effects may be more easily produced. The first systems, in the same manner, are always the most complex. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Mankind are animals that makes bargains, no other animal does this. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Man is an animal that makes bargains; no other animal does this--one dog does not change a bone with another. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅The mind is so rarely disturbed, but that the company of friend will restore it to some degree of tranquility and sedateness. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest. We address ourselves, not to their humanity but to their self-love, and never talk to them of our necessities but of their advantages. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅With the great part of rich people, the chief employment of riches consists in the parade of riches. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Man, an animal that makes bargains. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Happiness never lays its finger on its pulse. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Virtue is more to be feared than vice, because its excesses are not subject to the regulation of conscience. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅The real price of everything, what everything really costs to the man who wants to acquire it, is the toil and trouble of acquiring it. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅All money is a matter of belief. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅As soon as the land of any country has all become private property, the landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed, and demand a rent even for its natural produce. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production; and the interest of the producer ought to be attended to, only so far as it may be necessary for promoting that of the consumer. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Defense is superior to opulence. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Great ambition, the desire of real superiority, of leading and directing, seems to be altogether peculiar to man, and speech is the great instrument of ambition. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅I have never known much good done by those who affected to trade for the public good. /Adam Smith
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  • ⋅It is not by augmenting the capital of the country, but by rendering a greater part of that capital active and productive than would otherwise be so, that the most judicious operations of banking can increase the industry of the country. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Labor was the first price, the original purchase - money that was paid for all things. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Labour was the first price, the original purchase - money that was paid for all things. It was not by gold or by silver, but by labour, that all wealth of the world was originally purchased. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Little else is requisite to carry a state to the highest degree of opulence from the lowest barbarism but peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice: all the rest being brought about by the natural course of things. /Adam Smith
  • ⋅Man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this - no dog exchanges bones with another. /Adam Smith
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