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Илан Рамон


Ilan Ramon

Фотография Илан Рамон (photo Ilan Ramon)

День рождения: 20.06.1954 года
Возраст: 48 лет
Место рождения: Тель-Авив, Израиль
Дата смерти: 01.02.2003 года

Quotes of Ilan Ramon

Первый израильский космонавт

  • ⋅The world looks marvelous from up here, so peaceful, so wonderful and so fragile. Everybody, all of us down there, not only in Israel, have to keep it clean and good. /Ilan Ramon
  • ⋅The quiet that envelops space makes the beauty even more powerful, and I only hope that the quiet can one day spread to my country. /Ilan Ramon
  • ⋅The route to the target is more important than the target. We are going to go for the target, but we enjoy the route as well. /Ilan Ramon
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