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Константин Рокоссовский


Konstantin Rokossovsky

Фотография Константин Рокоссовский (photo Konstantin Rokossovsky)

День рождения: 21.12.1896 года
Возраст: 71 год
Место рождения: Великие Луки, Псковская губ., Россия
Дата смерти: 03.08.1968 года
Место смерти: Москва, Россия

Quotes of Konstantin Rokossovsky

Маршал Советского Союза, военачальник, призванный на войну прямо из лагеря для <врагов народа>.

  • ⋅The German army is a machine, and machines can be broken! /Konstantin Rokossovsky
  • ⋅In Russia, they say I'm a Pole, in Poland they call me Russian. /Konstantin Rokossovsky
  • ⋅I have been placed under surveillance, and I can't take a step without it being known to the Polish minister of internal affairs. /Konstantin Rokossovsky
  • ⋅I am a citizen of the Soviet Union and I think sharp measures need to be taken against anti-Soviet forces that are trying to make their way into the leadership. In addition, it is vitally important to maintain the lines of communication with Germany through Poland. /Konstantin Rokossovsky
  • ⋅Comrades-participants in the Battle of Kursk are asking me questions: why does Zhukov distort the truth in his memoirs, attributing to himself what was not? Someone, but he should not allow this! /Konstantin Rokossovsky
  • ⋅After talking on "HF" with Zhukov, I had to tell him that if he does not change the tone, then I will stop talking with him. The rudeness tolerated by him on that day went beyond borders. /Konstantin Rokossovsky
  • ⋅Complaints arrived in the division, and the command had to deal with them. Attempts to influence the brigade commander had no success. And we were forced, in order to improve the situation in the brigade, "put forward" G. Zhukov to the highest office. /Konstantin Rokossovsky
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