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Уолтер Брэдфорд Кеннон


Walter Bradford Cannon

Фотография Уолтер Брэдфорд Кеннон (photo Walter Bradford Cannon)

День рождения: 19.10.1871 года
Возраст: 74 года
Место рождения: Прери-ду-Шин, Висконсин, США
Дата смерти: 01.10.1945 года
Место смерти: Франклин, Нью-Гемпшир, США

Quotes of Walter Bradford Cannon

Американский психофизиолог, физиолог

  • ⋅Anger is an emotion preeminently serviceable for the display of power. /Walter Bradford Cannon
  • ⋅Chance throws peculiar conditions in everyone's way. If we apply intelligence, patience and special vision, we are rewarded with new creative breakthroughs. /Walter Bradford Cannon
  • ⋅Time... is an essential requirement for effective research. An investigator may be given a palace to live in, a perfect laboratory to work in, he may be surrounded by all the conveniences money can provide; but if his time is taken from him he will remain sterile. /Walter Bradford Cannon
  • ⋅I will always remember you, even though you had no idea I was even in the room. My words wouldn't come, I could only dream. A crush or a love? /Walter Bradford Cannon
  • ⋅The steady states of the fluid matrix of the body are commonly preserved by physiological reactions, i.e., by more complicated processes than are involved in simple physico-chemical equilibria. Special designations, therefore, are appropriate:—“homeostasis” to designate stability of the organism; “homeostatic conditions,” to indicate details of the stability; and “homeostatic reactions,” to signify means for maintaining stability. /Walter Bradford Cannon
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