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Я не робот...

Maria Chen 10.01.2009 03:58:49
good luck

alexandra olsufiev 01.03.2007 10:30:07
Sorry this system does not seem to be super efficient ... I saw your message by chance only now. You can got in contact with me via Email (aolsufiev@yahoo.fr). My Russian is not that good neither even if I live now in Moscow. Better communicate in French or English !

John Cilia La Corte 18.10.2006 08:39:20
Dear Alexandra
I|ve only just come across your reply to my posting and, as I don|t know Russian, I hope this message will reach you.
I would be very grateful for any information you can pass on to me.
Best regards

Alexandra Olsufiev 28.07.2006 04:43:11
Alessandra .... I think we are far related cousins ! I have also some info about the St John order and the Olsufiev familly. Would be happy to be in touch (French/english/russian)

John Cilia La Corte 20.04.2006 04:12:58
I am researching the genealogy of the Hereditary Commanders of the Order of St John created by Emperor Paul I. Among these Commanders, there are 2 Olsoufieffs, one named Matthieu (1799) and the other Dmitri (1928).
I would be very grateful if you could pass on any genealogical information you may have on the Olsoufieff family.
Many thanks and best regards.
John Cilia La Corte
(United Kingdom)

Alessandra Jatta Olsoufieff 24.03.2006 01:57:38
I am a descendant of Ivan Ivanovich Suvalov, my great grand mother was Olga Suvalova Olsoufieva and I have spent long time in studing the live of Ivan Ivanovich Suvalov in Italy, in France, in Ingland and in CCCP. I have written a full biografy of his life and I have plenty of information of his life, olso of the 14 years he was abroad. If somebody is interested to it, he can get in touch with me in russian, English, french or italian. Regards, Alessandra

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