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Я не робот...

Statya ochen' interesnaya.
03.10.2012 08:41:56
I found this article really interesting and cognitive of course. When I was reading about that you take a child with you while touring that is interesting how he perceives the environment and acts in it. All young kids are curious and always need something then call for mama. If I were you I would leave a child with my relatives or take a babysitter in case.
But I don't want to disappoint you it's your own business.
The one more interesting about your flight in America and your bad experience, however, everything was fine. Denys, Alameda usa.
I agree with you that it's very hot in America I lived in Chicago for 3 years and summer is very hot here the same in New York, people in these areas sleep with turned air conditioners.
The answer on your last question was wise, it's better to say everything later when you make sure that all things are fine.

Denys Myakota
02.10.2012 06:18:56
Your performance was really impressive, I watch a video when you perform on 18 years of Merage creativity, you looked very energetic.

Your own songs are good either.

Denys Myakota, Alameda, California USA

Татьяна Ивановна
Саша 05.08.2010 12:26:26
В панораме-тв было написано что она Татьяна Ивановна.Я так и думал.Только потом узнал что они ошиблись

I like You, Tania!
Сердце 03.06.2007 01:56:11

I like You, Tania!
Jerry 08.08.2006 04:37:08
I like singing of Tania Ovsienko, I have just watched video fvrom the festival 1989 and I like it very much! I look for more of Tatiana` work. It was very wonderful!
Jerry Jagodzinski - BPOL|/AB Polsha

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