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Никеш Арора


Nikesh Arora

Фотография Никеш Арора (photo Nikesh Arora)

Quotes of Nikesh Arora

Вице-президент Google по операциям в Европе

  • ⋅That should be a win-win-win for all three of us. /Nikesh Arora
  • ⋅As and when further business models evolve on the mobile devices, we'll deal with that as we go along. /Nikesh Arora
  • ⋅Access to information is imperative for people on the go. Whether checking the local weather or locating the restaurant of their choice, consumers today require personalized search services that are tailored to their needs. /Nikesh Arora
  • ⋅Today's tech-savvy consumers are becoming increasingly more mobile and demand access to information on-the-go, whether it's the latest news headlines or directions to a favorite restaurant. /Nikesh Arora
  • ⋅It is hard to create a unique selling point with national news these days, but there is a tremendous amount of local interest that cannot be picked up by the net easily. /Nikesh Arora
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Women think that all men are equal, and this is their strength, men think all women are different - it destroys them.

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