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Фотография  Клеопатра (photo  Cleopatra)

День рождения: 02.11.0069 года
Возраст: -40 лет
Место рождения: до н. э. Александрия, Египет
Дата смерти: 12.08.0030 года
Место смерти: до н. э, Египет

Someone Like You

Последняя царица Египта из македонской династии Птолемеев

Il tempo passa senza che
lo passo mai insieme a te
ma ti pensavo sempre
nei songi tu con me
per me il mondo finira
se non ci fossi tu;
ovunque vai
voglio che sai

***ive been spendin all my time
and never giving it to you
but you were always on my mind
in all the dreams i hold on to
i tried to tell you how i feel
but the words just came out wrong
wherever you go
i want you to know***

If you need a friend or lover
or a place that you can hide
i will always be there
even though my hands are tied
i know deep down inside
if you consider what we share
maybe you'll see
you're all that i need

E'una vita che cercando a te
e non importa che
io sento per te
soltanto una notte ancor'
chiamami amor'
tutta la vita l'ho passato
cercando a te

***all of my life i've searched
for someone like you
no matter how hard i try
no matter what i do
if only just for one more night
let me hold you tight
all of my life ive been waiting
for someone like you****

there's never been a better time
there's never been a better place
for you and i together here
alone and face to face
oh i'd do anything
if you'd just let me in your life
whatever it takes
i won't make the same mistake again

E'una vita che cercando a te... all of my life ive searched...

Could it be the brightest star
so close yet still far away
don't you know ive fallen for you
baby i'm calling for you
right here, right now

E'una vita che cercando a te... all of my life ive searched...

***Indicates unsung lyrics - translation of preceding v

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