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Роберт Грин


Robert Greene

Фотография Роберт Грин (photo Robert Greene)

День рождения: 11.07.1558 года
Возраст: 34 года
Место рождения: Норидж, Великобритания
Дата смерти: 03.09.1592 года
Место смерти: Лондон, Канада

Quotes of Robert Greene

Английский поэт, прозаик и драматург.

  • ⋅For as one star another far exceeds, So souls in heaven are placed by their deeds. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅I know My God commands, whose power no power resists. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Though men determine, the gods doo dispose: and oft times many things fall out betweene the cup and the lip. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Waste brings woe, and sorrow hates despair. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Though men determine, the gods doo dispose: and oft times many
    things fall out betweene the cup and the lip. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Stop shallow water from running, it will rage; tread on a worm
    and it will turn. /Robert Greene
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅Sweet are the thoughts that savour of content;
    The quiet mind is richer than a crown;
    Sweet are the nights in careless slumber spent;
    The poor estate scorns fortune's angry frown:
    Such sweet content, such minds, such sleep, such bliss,
    Beggars enjoy, when princes oft do miss. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅He kept no Christmas-house for once a yeere,
    Each day his boards were fild with Lordly fare;
    He fed a rout of yeoman with his cheer,
    Nor was his bread and beefe kept in with care;
    His wine and beere to strangers were not spare,
    And yet beside to all that hunger greved,
    His gates were open, and they were there relived. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Then grew a wrinkle on fair Venus' brow,
    The amber sweet of love is turn'd to gall!
    Gloomy was Heaven; bright Phoebus did avow
    He would be coy, and would not love at all;
    Swearing no greater mischief could be wrought,
    Than love united to a jealous thought. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Set a beggar on horse backe, they saie, and hee will neuer
    alight. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Only your hearts be frolic, for the time Craves that we taste of naught but jouissance. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Love is a lock that linketh noble minds,
    Faith is the key that shuts the spring of love. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Hangs in the uncertain balance of proud time. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Her lips are roses over-washed with dew, Or like the purple of Narcissus' flower; No frost their fair, no wind doth waste their power, But by her breath her beauties to renew. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅The quiet mind is richer than a crown....Such sweet content, such minds, such sleep, such bliss beggars enjoy when princes oft do miss. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅When it comes to power, outshining the master is perhaps the worst mistake of all. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Never take your position for granted and never let any favors you receive go to your head. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Her seductive power, however, did not lie in her looks [...]. In reality, Cleopatra was physically unexceptional and had no political power, yet both Caesar and Antony, brave and clever men, saw none of this. What they saw was a woman who constantly transformed herself before their eyes, a one-woman spectacle.Her dress and makeup changed from day to day, but always gave her a heightened, goddesslike appearance. Her words could be banal enough, but were spoken so sweetly that listeners would find themselves remembering /Robert Greene
  • ⋅The real poetry and beauty in life comes from an intense relationship with reality in all its aspects. Realism is in fact the ideal we must aspire to, the highest point of human rationality. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅There is almost a touch of condescension in the act of hiring friends that secretly afflicts them. The injury will come out slowly: A little more honesty, flashes of resentment and envy here and there, and before you know it your friendship fades. The more favors and gifts you supply to revive the friendship, the less gratitude you receive. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅If you view everything through the lens of fear, then you tend to stay in retreat mode. You can just as easily see a crises or problem as a challenge, an opportunity to prove your mettle, the chance to strengthen and toughen yourself, or a call to collective action. By seeing it as a challenge, you will have converted this negative into a positive purely by a mental process that will result in positive action as well. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Actually, your past successes are your biggest obstacle: every battle, every war, is different, and you cannot assume that what worked before will work today. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Those qualities that separate us are often ridiculed by others or criticized by teachers. Because of these judgments, we might see our strengths as disabilities and try to work around them in order to fit in. But anything that is peculiar to our makeup is precisely what we must pay the deepest attention to and lean on in our rise to mastery. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅The dreamers, those who misread the actual state of affairs and act upon their emotions, are often the source of the greatest mistakes in history-the wars that are not thought out, the disasters that are not foreseen /Robert Greene
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  • ⋅Be brutal with the past, especially your own, and have no respect for the philosophies that are foisted on you from outside. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Ah! what is love! It is a pretty thing, As sweet unto a shepherd as a king, And sweeter too; For kings have cares that wait upon a crown, And cares can make the sweetest love to frown. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅As a writer you know you don't have to deal with a lot of the crap that most people deal with, the political things. Every couple of years when your book comes out then you have to go into these fights with the publisher and the publicist and that's it. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅You're always feeling powerless in life. If you're in an abusive relationship or working for what we call a psychotic boss sometimes the only option is to leave because you're emotions get so entangled with these manipulative people that staying there you're just helpless because they're good at passive aggressive games and you're not, so you have to leave. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Ethics and power are separate. Ethics and morality. I think life would be miserable if there weren't some kind of code that people operated by, but history is full of many, many people who have gotten power by very unethical means, and people who were very ethical, who get no power, people who have the most brilliant, lovely, wonderful, nice intentions and bring about horrible things in the world because they don't know how to play the power game. /Robert Greene
  • ⋅Most people are passive aggressive in this world. I have the idea that the human being is born with a kind of reservoir of aggression. We are inherently somewhat aggressive creatures and we either channel that in direct ways or we channel it in indirect ways and become passive aggressive. /Robert Greene
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