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Вейд Гайтон


Wade Guyton

Фотография Вейд Гайтон (photo Wade Guyton)

Год рождения: 1972
Возраст: 47 лет
Место рождения: Хаммонд, США

Quotes of Wade Guyton

Художник, живописец-абстракционист и минималист.

  • ⋅I was never a doodler. I had never felt a drive to draw... Actually when I was a kid, I really hated art classes. My father was a kind of a Sunday painter and he liked to draw and do water colors. So, I would bring him my assignment and he would do them for me, because it was easy for him to do... /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅My father is not around any more, so I cannot ask him to do my drawings for me. So, I had to find a different way. And I came up with the solution to use the printers then; I wasn't doing anything complicated. The nature of the printer is efficiency in itself and about working, being productive. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅As I was walking down the stairs, I kept thinking that the room felt like a movie theater with all your attention on this wall, so it seemed like a big challenge. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅I had no idea what to expect moving to New York. It's embarrassing to say, but I didn't even realize that people bought contemporary art... that people actually paid for it... I know that's really dumb. I was really naive. I had no idea artists made money. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅To some extent I've always taken the architecture of the space into account. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅The way I make drawings is just with a desktop Epson C88 printer and they are designed to break, they are really cheap. So I bought a lot of them before it became impossible to find them... /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅We are all frustrated with computers, all the time... But we also always develop a relationship with computers these days - something my parents never had... there%u2018s always a kind of negotiation, sometimes you are in tune with it and other times you are fighting with it. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅I didn't even realize that people bought contemporary art . . . that people actually paid for it. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅I was really naГЇve. I had no idea artists made money. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅I don't know what it was like in the '80s. I don't really even know what it was like in the '90s, because I was broke and wasn't selling any art. I was in a few group shows, but I didn't have a gallery until 2006. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅The Internet has a lot of solutions. I found an insane way to trap chipmunks - it was too crazy not to try. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅I think as a student I ended up liking so many different and conflicting things. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅When I was younger and was working as a Dia guard I would go to see everything. I went to every opening. I was really interested in seeing and learning as much as I could. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅I hated art as a kid. I didn't even like art class. I didn't like to draw. I would make my dad do all the drawings because I hated it so much. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅I came late to galleries. A lot of people my age started their careers younger, so I was spared seeing that side for a long time. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅I've never seen a postcard of my work in a museum. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅I'm always looking at the computer. I make all of my work on the computer at some point or another. Almost all of the paintings come from a file. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅Well, art has to be sexy. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅I don't really live the bohemian life. I come to work in Midtown everyday, along with all the work-a-day folk. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅It seemed to me that a lot of people started going to art school recently because they thought they could be famous and make a lot of money. They might be in for a bad turn. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅People will still make great art, but I think it's good to assume you will always be a failure. People were believing the opposite. /Wade Guyton
  • ⋅Being an artist is supposed to be a scam, not a career. /Wade Guyton
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