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Карел Аппел


Karel Appel

Фотография Карел Аппел (photo Karel Appel)

День рождения: 25.04.1921 года
Возраст: 85 лет
Место рождения: Амстердам, Нидерланды
Дата смерти: 03.05.2006 года
Место смерти: Цюрих, США

Quotes of Karel Appel

Нидерландский художник, скульптор, график.

  • ⋅Through play, we renew contact with childhood – My art is childlike. /Karel Appel
  • ⋅My brush-strokes start in nothing and they end in nothing, and in-between you find the image. /Karel Appel
  • ⋅You have to learn it all, then forget it and start again like a child. This is the inner evolution. /Karel Appel
  • ⋅I don't paint, I hit. /Karel Appel
  • ⋅Every day I have to be awake to escape.. ..The whole world is sleepy. It is a real fight to be awake, to see everything new, for the first time in your life. /Karel Appel
  • ⋅I'm not a pessimist. Maybe I don't have a primitive feeling of happiness, that is true. Sometimes my color is happy but not the expression. /Karel Appel
  • ⋅When I was young I once found a book in a Dutch translation, 'The leaves of Grass'. It was the first time a book touched me by its feeling of freedom and open spaces, the way the poet spoke of the ocean by describing a drop of water in his hand. Walt Whitman was offering the world an open hand (now we call it democracy) and my 'Monument for Walt Whitman' became this open hand with mirrors, so you can see inside yourself. /Karel Appel
  • ⋅The duty of the artist is not to be calculating in any sense, so that he may be free himself of human emotions while carried by the universal forces of life. Only then does one not think about making art, or about styles, or directions. Something comes about, something happens. /Karel Appel
  • ⋅As an artist you have to fight and survive the wilderness to keep your creative freedom. Creativity is very fragile. /Karel Appel
  • ⋅If I paint like a barbarian, it's because we live in a barbarous age /Karel Appel
  • ⋅My paint is like a rocket, which describes its own space. I try to make the impossible possible. What is happening I cannot foresee, it is a surprise. Painting, like passion, is an emotion full of truth and rings a living sound, like the roar coming from the lion's breast. To paint is to destroy what preceded. I never try to make a painting, but a chunk of life. It is a scream; it is a night; it is like a child; it is a tiger behind bars. /Karel Appel

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