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Газала Джавед


Ghazala Javed

Фотография Газала Джавед (photo Ghazala Javed)

День рождения: 01.01.1988 года
Возраст: 24 года
Место рождения: Мингора, Пакистан
Дата смерти: 18.06.2012 года
Место смерти: Пешавар, Афганистан

Quotes of Ghazala Javed

Пакистанская певица и танцовщица.

  • ⋅For many, Jan was dead a long time ago ... She was not a woman to cry out for financial assistance. She lived the life of a reclusive Sufi. She gave a distinct course to a female singing a folk song. Her numerous Pashto folk songs have been remixed without knowing that it was Jan who had sung them first. Pashto music lovers really lost a melody queen. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅Jan did not get the respect and recognition she deserved, especially from the K-P government ... When I visited her last, she seemed quite disturbed and unhappy and even told me that the K-P government had been boasting of the charity they had given to her. She was in dire need of money but her cries fell on deaf ears. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅Us artists have no place in this hostile society. Unless an artist cries out for help like a baby, the government does not listen. Even if it does come to help, it only throws some money on an artist’s face to simply shut his mouth. We are destined to suffer. So did Jan. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅Jan was a versatile singer but her later years were too miserable. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅She is primarily a folk dancer and has taught us a lot of provincial dances, especially those from the northern areas. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅Our classes always begin on time, which gives me more time to learn and practice. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅He has given me enough confidence to perform in front of a hall full of people. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅I had no plan to attend this event. A few of my friends were coming so I tagged along and I am glad I did because Manzoor is my favourite. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅A new leadership is solution to the problems of the region and no hurdle would be tolerated. The women will now play the role of a forerunner in the struggle for the prosperity of Bahawalpur as they played a historical role for the restoration of the province. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅When men lose the intellectual battle with women, they tend to demonstrate aggression and get physical. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅There is nothing in the Quran that justifies honour killings. There is nothing that says you should kill for the honour of the family. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅As a singer she may have committed sins, but she will surely go to heaven. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅People loved her singing while she was alive ... Now she is even more popular in death. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅She told me, ‘He would never do anything to harm me, because he loves me.’? /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅Her songs and lyrics were soft and sweet, like her voice ... She was always interested in finding new poems from renowned Pashto poets to use as lyrics for her songs. She’d set the poetic lyrics to the music that Pashto composers were inundating her with. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅She begged me, my father, and mother to cancel the marriage, but my father could not retreat from his commitment to Jahangir. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅She locked herself in her room, crying for days, and started beating herself and shouting, ‘I won’t marry him!’?. /Ghazala Javed
  • ⋅Jahangir came to our home many times, and we thought this was a good chance for her to have a life with respect. /Ghazala Javed
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