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Элтон Джон


Elton John

Фотография Элтон Джон (photo Elton John)

День рождения: 25.03.1947 года
Возраст: 71 год
Место рождения: Пиннер, Великобритания

Quotes of Elton John

Английский поп-певец и автор песен

  • ⋅I want to do a musical movie. Like Evita, but with good music. /Elton John
  • ⋅So shine on through these days we have to fill. /Elton John
  • ⋅And I agreed with that, and I couldn't wait to change my name anyway, because I'm not too fond of the name of Reginald. It's a very kind of '50s English name. /Elton John
  • ⋅And I talked to my doctor, and I must admit, you know, I'm sometimes quite renowned for my outbursts and I was just very frustrated, maybe a little frightened. /Elton John
  • ⋅And I trusted someone to look after me on the business side of life. /Elton John
  • ⋅And I'm afraid, in this day and age, trust, which I count so, you know, I love loyalty. I love trust. /Elton John
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅And the danger is - and it's happening - is we're seeing an incredibly big rise amongst young gay people, young heterosexual people as far as catching HIV, which is, you know, in an educated country like this or in Britain, it's frightening. /Elton John
  • ⋅And there's no guarantee that if you get HIV and you take these triple therapies, or whatever comes along next, that they're going to be successful for you. /Elton John
  • ⋅Bands today have to learn their craft by putting the hard work in that we did when we were young performers. /Elton John
  • ⋅Because, I figured that, because I was a successful man, I was wealthy, I was, you know, seemingly intelligent - even that I am not intelligent enough to ask for help. /Elton John
  • ⋅But actually, my drug addiction thing, I was so stubborn. /Elton John
  • ⋅I am the most well-known homosexual in the world. /Elton John
  • ⋅I do like Britney Spears. I think she's cute. I think she's fun. And I like her records. You know, I'm not a pop snob whatsoever. I think she makes great pop records. /Elton John
  • ⋅I have a lot of money stashed away, but I do live my life from day to day. /Elton John
  • ⋅I have a much better relationship with the press than I did, I think because I stood my ground. /Elton John
  • ⋅I love places that have an incredible history. I love the Italian way of life. I love the food. I love the people. I love the attitudes of Italians. /Elton John
  • ⋅I mean, in some cases with libel laws, you know, they can write things about people who have no course of action, because they can't afford to take legal action against them. /Elton John
  • ⋅I mean, Sting is one of my great buddies and I love him to death. /Elton John
  • ⋅I never really made a full album in Los Angeles before. /Elton John
  • ⋅I think people should be free to engage in any sexual practices they choose; they should draw the line at goats though. /Elton John
  • ⋅I used to get my money at the end of the week, buy my mum something, or buy a record, and that was it. /Elton John
  • ⋅I was more ashamed that I couldn't work the washing machine than the fact that I was taking drugs. /Elton John
  • ⋅I'm a very wealthy man. /Elton John
  • ⋅I'm very generous. /Elton John
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  • ⋅I've got a great collection of photography. /Elton John
  • ⋅I've got to do something to make up for all those self-absorbed and selfish years when I just, you know, was taking drugs, sitting in my room, doing bad things, whatever. /Elton John
  • ⋅I've only been interested in the artistic side of life. /Elton John
  • ⋅The great thing about rock and roll is that someone like me can be a star. /Elton John
  • ⋅The whole point of being in this business and being blessed and being successful is that you're able to do things for your friends or your family, which means that they can have something special in their lives, too. /Elton John
  • ⋅There is nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex. People should be very free with sex, they should draw the line at goats. /Elton John
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Women think that all men are equal, and this is their strength, men think all women are different - it destroys them.

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