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Шарль Азнавур


Charles Aznavour

Фотография Шарль Азнавур (photo Charles Aznavour)

День рождения: 22.05.1924 года
Возраст: 94 года
Место рождения: Париж, Франция
Дата смерти: 01.10.2018 года
Место смерти: Париж, Россия

Quotes of Charles Aznavour

Французский шансонье и актёр армянского происхождения.

  • ⋅I always ask painters to do my posters, unless there isn’t enough time. /Charles Aznavour
  • ⋅I hardly know Bernard Buffet, but I like his painting, I’ve got a few pictures by him... /Charles Aznavour
  • ⋅It’s really his wife, Annabelle, I know, I used to work with her... in the same night-club. /Charles Aznavour
  • ⋅It was she who was my intermediary. /Charles Aznavour
  • ⋅I’m delighted with the result, even though some have criticised it, found it too dark, too sad... This poster is tremendous. /Charles Aznavour
  • ⋅Whenever I start doing something new, I say to myself that I should have had a fortnight to get myself in the right frame of mind. /Charles Aznavour
  • ⋅But here I am, I’ve just come back from filming in Portugal, I’m promoting the tour, I’m involved with an association for disabled children in Lille [north of France], I’m dining with the Armenian President, who has just received an honorary doctorate at the Sorbonne... /Charles Aznavour
  • ⋅It’s a tiring life, but I live very healthily, nothing to excess. /Charles Aznavour
  • ⋅For the last week, I’ve only had one glass of red wine with lunch, my only meal of the day, one course, no dessert. /Charles Aznavour
  • ⋅Afterwards, when the tour has begun, I relax the diet. /Charles Aznavour
  • ⋅With my wife, we take all our meals in restaurants. /Charles Aznavour
  • ⋅Preferably Italian or French. Otherwise, one of the great pleasures of touring is discovering new ones. /Charles Aznavour
  • ⋅I never go anywhere without my two bibles, one in each hand: the Michelin guide and the Gault Millau. And I check them against each other. /Charles Aznavour
  • ⋅Everyone gets their own experience, which is only right school for him. /Charles Aznavour
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