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The Four Tops


The Four Tops

Фотография  The Four Tops (photo  The Four Tops)

Место рождения: Детройт, Мичиган, США

If I Were A Carpenter

Афроамериканский «долго живущий» вокальный квартет

We are friends, we are brothers
Always there lookin' out for each other
In a world where so many dreams are broken apart
But when the world tries to beat us
We hang tough, ain't no way they'll defeat us
You and I will always survive, together we're strong

Heart to heart
Any storm we can weather
You and I we've become
United forever

Two hearts that can beat as one
There ain't a single thing, we can't overcome
We're indestructible (indestructible)
We've got the power of love
So strong we can generate
A wall of solid love
Nothing can penetrate
We're indestructible

There's a power, deep inside us
Ain't no one that could ever divide us
We won't fall, we'll show 'em all
Just what we're made of

You and I
We're in it together
We stand strong through it all
United forever


Heart to heart
Any storm we can weather
You and I we've become
Untied forever


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