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Фотография  Ashanti (photo  Ashanti)

Место рождения: Нью-Йорк, США

The Pledge(feat. Caddillac Tah

американская певица

[ad-libs: Ashanti]

In the beginning...

When no one else was around...

You were there...

And now.. that everything is good...

You gotta know...

I'll ride out with you... forever...

[verse one]

I never thought that I could find this thang

That always had me comin' back again

Something about the way you move, it got me...

Hooked on you, no matter, what I do

I never felt this way for another

It's feelin' kinda strange, but I love it

You gotta know that I would never leave

You did that thang to me, you is where I be


There's no me

Without you

I can't think

Without you

Don't you know that I will...

Never leave

Leave you

All I need

Need is you

[verse two]

You're always there to make me feel alright

You got me thinkin' bout you day and night

Thinkin' bout how my life is now

How you, make me smile, and I, love ya style

We been together through thick and thin

Whatever troubles you're in, I'm in

You gotta know that I would never leave

You did that thang to me, you is where I be


What you've done to me

You know that I can't see

Myself with or without you

Bein' without you

Breathin' without you, baby



[rap: Caddillac Tah]

Now it don't matter if you hatin' or spoiled...

We gone get that dough

The camp is strong...

Can't do nothin' else but blow

I chant this cause...

I'm lettin' you all know (it's murdaaaa, for liiiife)

Now you know I'm a put my life on the line for yours

Pull a nine out the drawer, strap up, when it's time for war

Stack up, every penny, money over these broads

Back up, against the wall in a riot or brawl

I pledge allegiance, the I-N-C is the clique

And till I die, I'm a ride with my niggas through thick

And thin, playin' him, we playin' to win

Steady ballin', soarin', long dickin' these broads, and..

I'm my brother's keeper, slugs'll spreech ya, plug'll heat ya

Fuckin' wit my family, so understand, B, there's no me without them

All we got is us, me and 'Shan tearin' it up, nigga what, what

[chorus: (2X)]


Murder I-N-C

You know that I can't see myself

Livin' without you

Bein' without you

Breathin' without you, baby


[ad-libs: Irv Gotti]

Hahaha... Murder Inc

Yeah, my nigga Sez

My princess... Ashanti

Without each other, y'all


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