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Ронни Вуд


Ronnie Wood

Фотография Ронни Вуд (photo Ronnie Wood)

День рождения: 01.06.1947 года
Возраст: 71 год
Место рождения: Мидлсекс, Великобритания

Quotes of Ronnie Wood

Британский рок музыкант

  • ⋅The last show we played, I was straight as a die. It did feel weird not to be hiding behind alcohol or dope, but being focused was... good. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅Mick has expressed an interest in coming to the gallery tonight because he's seen me behaving myself lately. He is being much more supportive, which is nice. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅I'm a Gemini, so I have a great time with the other guy. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅I find it hard to get old and hard to say, 'No.' /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅The blues echoes right through into soul, R&B and hip hop. It's part of the make-up of modern music. You can't turn your back on the blues. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅Regina Spektor is great. I can't wait to see what more she's capable of. /Ronnie Wood
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  • ⋅I have been rich, and I have been broke. Some of it is my fault for choosing bad management and making bad investments. But that is life - we all take risks. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅During the Eighties, when I was hurting for money, I thought, 'Hang on a minute - I can paint.' I was living in New York and I thought it would get the grocery money coming in, and it escalated from there. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅Married life is absolutely brilliant. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅All my family back to the 1700s were water Gypsies. My brothers and me, we were the first ones to be born on dry land. All the rest of them were born on barges in the canals. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅All my life there's always been an ex-wife or a girlfriend. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅I love to get into a landscape and paint my horses. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅I still feel 29. Maybe I should act my age more, but I just can't. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅I am a big fan of the Impressionists, and in my school days, I was inspired by Caravaggio, Velazquez and Rembrandt. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅I'm still digging long-established bands like U2 - they're new to me! /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅I think people are just creative, and this can be expressed in a number of ways. Bob Dylan and David Bowie create both music and art. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅People often get the wrong impression of Mick. The clever businessman is just one side of Mick. The other side is the same as the rest of us, a true rocker! /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅We got touring with the Stones, and people were trying to keep up with Keith. He's like a human machine with a constitution of iron, and they all thought they could do the same. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅My real self is probably more creative and more frightening than any sort of drink or drug-induced state. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅There's a basic rule which runs through all kinds of music, kind of an unwritten rule. I don't know what it is. But I've got it. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅Back in those days, all us skinny white British kids were trying to look cool and sound black. And there was Hendrix, the ultimate in black cool. Everything he did was natural and perfect. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅I have a lot of growing up to do. But I think, 'Hell, is it too late?' /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅When I first saw Jo, I said boom, that was it, because I'm a one-woman man. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅I go off into Dublin and two days later I'm spotted walking by the Liffey with a whole bunch of new friends. /Ronnie Wood
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  • ⋅With every gig we have to prove ourselves better than the night before. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅I love to go to Ireland just to relax. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅I'm terrible with money, absolutely awful. I'm always losing it. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅When I first started all this, it was mostly music fans that came along, Stones fans. But now, I'm being taken seriously. I've got highfalutin art collectors and everything! /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅It's taken folk a while to come around, hasn't it? Even the boys in the band weren't too sure about the whole art thing. They just wanted me to concentrate on the music. But they respect it now. /Ronnie Wood
  • ⋅Having loved the Stones all the time I was growing up, I wasn't about to see them go and split up. It got very close to it in the 80s, when Mick thought that Keith hated him and vice versa. /Ronnie Wood
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