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Kottonmouth Kings


Kottonmouth Kings

Фотография  Kottonmouth Kings (photo  Kottonmouth Kings)

Whose The Criminal


This freedom song, goes out to anybody, who's ever been judged, harassed,
Or thrown in jail for smoking the plant marijuana.

Fuck it, now why you gotta judge me, who the fuck are you?
Trying to run up in my life, and tell me what to do
You need to arrest your son, because he's selling pounds of weed
He's getting over on you, and you're stupid enough not to see

You ask, how much money have I spent buying weed?
Not at much as I spend on important legal fees
You wouldn't believe how much it costs to be free
A couple of G's every time they find a roach on me
Shit, I never learn, the lesson they teach
Do the robot (??) When they pull the gun and say "freeze"
Get off these, you're the one being thieves
Take away my rights and detach my salaries

Yo, I'mma keep baling, fuck the police
Alcohol is legal need to legalize weed
I know they know, so what's the problem?
You got the gun, I got the plant that's how we solve em

You got the gun, I got a plant, you got the gun, who's the criminal?
Take's me to plant my seeds all across the land, across the land
Mr. Officer man, police officer man, with the gun in your hand (hey hey hey hey)
Freedom of the plant, as we came to take a stand, take a stand

Y'know I never understand them nigga stands on the plant
While it grows on a branch, holding a gun in yo' hand?
Cause more people on the earth, but illegal it's absurd
What's more evil a weapon or some herb?

Yo, relax and kick back, worry about real crimes
Smoking a plant? You're out your fuckin' mind
Gimme a break, yo ass fake as fake
Faker then the people putting food on your plate

Stop that, drop that, give me that mic
Rough me,

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