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Kottonmouth Kings


Kottonmouth Kings

Фотография  Kottonmouth Kings (photo  Kottonmouth Kings)

Watch Your Back


I don't know who to trust no more
let it go
itll take me to war
thats those voices in my head
its got me over seeing red
see i dont wanna cross the line
buts thats the fuckin last time
you ever try to play me out
now this shit is going down


watch your back homie
watch your back [X5]

watch your back now dayz
all these busters alwayz lookin at me sidewayz
sizing me up tryin to figure out how i play
but i aint playin with these motherfuckers no way
not today or anyday
i learned the hard way
no double cross and backstabs
your ? money funny friends went bad
its high stakes if family members scheme on you
so no your enemy and only trust a chosen few


Yo ? this suckers talkin smack
run yo mouth were you at
look at me like im wak
is he fake can he rap
dont get hit by his badge
your the klick hes tha klack
im a dog your a cat
im takin it makin it sound so great
so listen to the master demonstrate
when i smoke this blunt and elavate
like damn our boys a heavyweight
we gonna bake to see if tonights the night
like damn our boys 'll make it hot
like damn our boys 'll boys we just dont stop
like damn our boys callin the shots
i know some kats that always talk alot but did nothin
your never win you ending losing if you alwasy bluffing
so you movin cakes
but you really only bakin muffins
rakin up P's
get rid of shit in bakers dozen
big mounds yeah
they'll bound to catch it too
we knew who ran the lick
and there day is coming soon
you gotta watch your back
i know im watchin mine
just ask my soldiers who be holdin down the front line


you eva had a bitch a friend that claimed that they was done for you
i mean the loyal type you trusted thought they was true
you let deep inside
kept them fed you kept them high
come to find out every word they said was just a fuckin lie
you feel like mystical
take it to another level
get down and ? make him rush it with the devil
but they aint even worth the time sweat or energy
just learn a listen
on the friend you trust and keep
after yourself to many people got it all wrong
burnin bridges when they should be mended more
hes only at the top cause everybodys after you
you gotta watch your back yeah thats what you gotta do
business and personal shit
learn how to split well
too many motherfuckers actin fake
go to hell
i aint energy or time to waste on wasted talent
i keep movies straight and foward never ever lose my balance
i keep it poppin
i aint from compton
i am a heavyweight in the gamesid by havin the buds that with no single no we got the whole country stompin
watch your back
watch your back
watch your back motherfucker
cause im comin through the front
and smellin like a shunk
just ask doctor green
i bout the killa kali kush blunts
realize who your true friends and your enemies are
cause when the end comes
you get fucked over
you betta watch your back dawg


times like these
its gettin hard to see
hope you see your friends now
and whose your enemie
want to see the end
i guess it all depends
what you call an enemie and
who you call a friend

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