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Kottonmouth Kings


Kottonmouth Kings

Фотография  Kottonmouth Kings (photo  Kottonmouth Kings)

So High


It's time for 'Real Talk' with Bobby B

Attention young ladies, attention young ladies

Man homeboy's over here in the garage with 4 1000's

Powder nutrients growing in the dirt

Takin' 4 and a half months not even getting a full peak

Ya know, ya know, ya know.

In a room the size of a telephone booth

Using liquid nutrients, (buds swell rock, wool?)

One 1000 watt high pressure sodium

(kevorki?) buds the size of a fuckin' Volkswagen,

Ya know what I'm talkin' about, you do the math motherfucker.

What's up smokers?

Another suburban noize joint for you to pull on

Stoners Reeking Havoc

I'ma get you so high, I'ma make that ass fly.

Hit the bong, stand by

I'ma get you so high

Back up off me, I need room to puff

Fuck Babylon, man I can't get enough

I smoke, so I like it going down

We're all getting lifted cuz I just stole a pound

Two hits and pass, that's what Saint's yellin

Fuck that shit, I'm hittin till my mind's jelly

And when I'm done, I'll head to Flannagan's

To play some pool and that's with a couple friends

Grab a sack, it's off to a local park

Break out the bong, pack it tight and let it spark

Windows up so the bug's gettin fishbowled

And if you're in you can't escape the indo

Oh shit, it's gettin deep into my mind

I took 7 hits off that bud called kind

Close my eyes, my mind starts joggin

Here I go again, man, my mind's boggling

I'ma get you so high, mind boggling

I'ma make that ass fly, mind boggling

Hit the bong stand by, mind boggling

I'ma get you so high

Here I go reminiscing about the weekend

Takin time to remember where my shit has been

Dinner to dancing, fly girl romancing

Ballin with the homies, smoking buds and relaxin

(?) that shit is how I was smoking

Fuck this schwag weed, indo is what I'm tokin

Splif to my lips as I tilt my head back

Lookin like a mack cuz I'm down to blaze a sack

I said inhale, exhale, kottonmouth hits so I said "that's swell"

Pass a tweak to the left, party busters set in

I need some fresh air cuz I'm high off that in

Walked towards the door but man I didn't get far

High kicked in, I took a seat at the bar

As I look into the sky and the air starts fogging

Here I go again, yo my mind's boggling

I'ma get you so high, mind boggling

I'ma make that ass fly, mind boggling

Hit the bong stand by, mind boggling

I'ma get you so high

Here I go getting deeper into my mind again

Thinking bout good times, smoking kind again

By myself so you say, am I a stoner or a loner

Man I can't cope with this lil hell that I'm livin in

I got family members fiending from the cocaine

And loved ones locked up in prison

That's why I'm bailin' ya'll, man fuck the system!

all the pressures of this life get me frustrated

So I reach for the bong so I can get faded

I blaze a bowl and it take me to another level

To escape the pain and all my life's trouble

Close my eyes, pray take the pain away

Ask the lord should I live to see another day

Rob Harris died, I guess this is one of life's little tests

...take a bullet to the chest

(Money can't buy me my?) first real true love,

died at 23, now she's waitin for me up above

Get the pipe, pack it tight, start hoggin

Here I go again motherfucker my mind's boggling

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