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Kottonmouth Kings


Kottonmouth Kings

Фотография  Kottonmouth Kings (photo  Kottonmouth Kings)

Size of an Ant


Sittin' on my front porch sippin' on my pipe

Lizard on the bowl blownin' gold shit was tight

Early in the morning 7:30 a.m.

Snatchin' nugz in the (???) from the walls of my den

Living in a bud plant, I hollowed out the stem

Two stories three rooms it's my kryptominium

My domain now remains supplied in (???)

All I do is clean my crib and clip the water leaves

Free relief is always offered from the great O.D.

Standing seven feet tall my toupee huge tree

Is lovely smells so fruity I'm fucking hoopy

Flying like Woodstock barking orders like I'm Snoopy

Excuse me, pardon it's time for a session

We press on heading on up to the top section

Everybody is invited, I prefer those heavy hitters

You know someone down to smoke?

I really hate those stay and quitters

So it figures Loc is rollin' Bobby B ain't far behind

Daddy X and Pakelika come in swinging on some vines

To the tip top of the tallest kola we begin to climb

Sugar smokes some (???) ropes and a gang of keif

Where are we?

Lost in a plant

The size of an ant and we're stuck to the sap

How high?

To the Kolas

We got no map and we forgot to pack a back pack

D double dash L O C, I popped out my bud plant clearly

Invisibly see through ya'll can't find me

Completely blind like an erased line

Stay refined disappear go away like bad emotion

I'm over here camouflage in my potion

Ya'll can't find me I'm slick like Rick

Got an oldschool flip equipped

Vanac spits

Growing to the mic I become attached

Imagine if I grew branches from my body limbs crowded

Out my mouth like chlorophyll dispel all skill whack MCs

I leave em flat decapitate immortals

Now growing vines from my arms I'm like the swamp thing man appearing in plant

Form plasma ejected complicated (???)

Dynamic apparatus combindin' for rhyming (???)

Everlasting grow room wired with the bass boom

Krispy colored nugs is another called the typhoon

Full bloom flowerin', sky scraper towerin'

Endless sea of green, hydro lights that be powerin'

Full drip system frequent mistin'

Tropical climate so all the buds they were glisten

Rollin' cones all day, runnin' round underground

Bobby's bud's are where I stay and I'm the size of an ant

Where are we?

Lost in a plant

The size of an ant and we're stuck to the sap

How high?

To the Kolas

We got no map and we forgot to pack a back pack

I reside in the bud the nugs about dove

Life in the bag of the blueberry love

I'm feelin' my dust so I climb to the core

It started getting chilly cuz the weather's gettin' colder

I grabbed my folder, write a rhyme and called Kona

He came over, then we rolled up a hooter

Jumped on the scooters and we found the lines

You know I fumbled my rhyme

Stoney trail rides, we smokin' spliffs by bricks

It's a myth the gift to get lifted

I gave the plant a sniff then I kissed it

I made a wish the rest got blessed

I'm living in a plant the size of an ant

It's 4:20 now it's time to react

No need for a sack cuz I'm sick of runnin' laps

Look down by my feet and saw a little piece of ant crap

Where are we?

Lost in a plant

The size of an ant and we're stuck to the sap

How high?

To the Kolas

We got no map and we forgot to pack a back pack

A living organism material and organic

Vanac's animal kingdom biochem

Green nitro genismatter contain

My brains essential for growth by photosynthesis

Varyin derivatives Richter your (???)

Riding high.. technical I detect dust in my perimeter

Pulse rate erratic your breathing sallow

Elbow strike vines, tri-cones, technology (???) plant intoxicants

Trapped inside the clone chamber

(???) production dodgin (???) atomic multiply if you supply of the ? cycle

acting fungi medicinal

Mushroom consumption digestion cannabis alchemy opium chemist amphedamines

Say drugs an aphrodisiac

MCs they lack it

Your minds the size of an ant

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