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Kottonmouth Kings


Kottonmouth Kings

Фотография  Kottonmouth Kings (photo  Kottonmouth Kings)



(You know what they say about these dudes? They all got rythm)

Another day, another day goes by
Sitten round the house hangin out ge'n high
Another day, another day is passed
P-Town Ballers we was built to last
Another day, another day goes by
Sitten round the house hangin out ge'n high
Another day, another day is passed
you know the P-Town Ballers we was built to last

Now everybody come and gather around
It's story tellin time bout a kid from P-Town
Another troubled youth smokin herb in the sub-urbs
We used to shoot a little hoop and kick flip curbs
But there was something happening here
It just wasnt too clear, He was liven confused
Used to break all the rules, used to eat all the blues
He was actin a fool, dude was straight bad news
Until one day he opened his eyes, saw a light as a gift and began to fly
Spreadin his wings soarin high in the sky, wanted to see 105
No he didnt wanna die
Lifes crazy these days so dont flip
There is better days ahead, this is just a field trip
Thats what I learned thats just the ways it is
Cuz at the end of that day yo I was that kid


Now the P-Town Ballers started way back in the day
It was me Johnny Richter, Daddy X and our homie Saint
1995 for me to be exact, makin demo tapes, playin shows at the shack
Kottonmouth Klick slash P- Town bizzle
D dash L-O-C oh shizzle
Pakelika big Pak, thats my dawg wass up?
DJ Bobby B's an army for life, I love ya cuz
Remember, damn i can still remember sleepin on the couch, runnin ova to Lou's house
Tryin to get some food becuz I had nothin to eat, I never had no smoke, I never got no sleep
I was always on the creep, tryin to make a quick buck
Broke without money, life really sucks
So I hooked up with a sick-ass trigger went all out
Life is really short, shouldnt be so rough (rough)


[Daddy X]
?Looking through my endo stained window, yeah
Just tryin to find out which way the wind blows
Its hard to breathe when your blowing out red smoke, ya
One thing I know is one thing I do know

[Daddy X]
Skateboardin all day till the sun went down playin punk rock music and these hip hop sounds
Then the pants started saggin we was havin some fun
we had backyard parties, where we knew everyone
Richter had a nitrous tank and a keg on tap
He has the whole damn city inked on his back
And we laughin, cuz this shit really happened
We said we never never ever make it by rapping
Dloc, you'll never know how you say it
I was 3 feet away from X pushing up daisys

[chorus 2x]

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