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Kottonmouth Kings


Kottonmouth Kings

Фотография  Kottonmouth Kings (photo  Kottonmouth Kings)

Strange Daze


A yo blow, what's up Jonny Richter, I just sold the same frame , just changin'

big picture, and I'm gonna sit your ass down right in the front row to let you

know how we smoke at a kottonmouth kings show-

Do it, did it, do it again, I need at least ten tokes for my day to begin, a

big sack of the chronic , cuz you know I'm always on , steady smokin' out out

of the glass, got the glass going ponic and you get a refund check to save

your mama's draws, and keep bouncing off the walls like my balls

just cuz you want a piece of what I got, put this sack in my pot, think you

really gonna get it , thought wrong, I think not!

We fucked up the 420 in the whole rotation - we rollled up on our homies like

- what you blazin', is this some purple cush, that we got from riverside, but I

heard it was faking, thinkin' shit this thing barely got me high!


Everything looks the same- but everything feels so differently- and I don't

know if it's just all in my head or if I'm losing my sanity- my smokin', my

drinkin, is foggin my thinkin', that's what they all keep tellin' me- and

faces-n-places keep changin' erasin' and everything feels so strange to me

Now we out on the road, differnt city every nite, different hoes every nite,

different flows every nite,

We stay drunk on Bud-Lite, so fuck the malt liquor...

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