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Kottonmouth Kings


Kottonmouth Kings

Фотография  Kottonmouth Kings (photo  Kottonmouth Kings)

Fire It Up


Fire it up Fire it up Fire it up [x4]
Salu-Mutha Fuckin-Tations
Glad you came i see you got a reputation
Your in for a night full of blunts and beers.
Drinks and pits come on in dont fear.
Now it might get a liltle restless
But we're all family relax dont stress
You best get out your seats and move to the front
When you hear KMK say FIRE IT UP.

Kottonmouth's here smoke that pit
Every single night we get high and dont trip
24-7,365 all around the world we smoke herb world wide
So who got the chronic up in the building
With the buds in my system yo i catch the feeling
Lets fire it up cuz tonights the night
D-Loc got a smoke who got a mother fuckin Light

Kottonmouth Kings
Fire it up Fire it up Fire it up

People always wanna know just what they wanna know Fire it up
How much herb we really smoke and how do we rip this show Fire it up
How come high times magazine never put us on they front Fire it up
10 Years deep in this spot for weed now what more could they want Fire it up

Kottonmouth kings
Fire it up Fire it up Fire it up

The kids back with style chronicals
Comin in backwards to get D-Loc
With the with the weed smoke Kottonmouth No joke
Where the weed heads at where the weed at
We bout to kick back kick rhymes
12 pack of the kick down and just sit back so relax
Or get slapped where you at?

Now solve them im about to ball boy shit
I aint no decoy im about to destroy
Mass a microphone and a mutha fuckin tall boy
Pad to the bone spation im like elboy see
What you have here is a certified pit
Walk into the party with a old school limp
Float through the party like the good year blimp
Shrimp on the Bar-B marinated in hemp


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