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Kottonmouth Kings


Kottonmouth Kings

Фотография  Kottonmouth Kings (photo  Kottonmouth Kings)

Bi - Polar


Wasted away
trapped in their maze
gotta get out

My punk rocks dirty
my hip hops clean
one side has rust the other triple beam
one side is crazy phat the others pissed and mean
half of mes got problems the other lives a dream
im bi polar im confused
split personality i dont know which to chose
one side is filthy rich the other is dirt poor
? a thousand times i still come back for more

we barely just began but already your done
get your ass up off the couch and roll another for fun
cause I aint even begun barely dented my stash
open your eyes and grab a pipe or else its time for you to dash
where you gonna go when its time to dash
grab your sack dont forget your cash
life moves fast gotta chose your path
live while you live cuz it might be your last
watch your back it might be over
sometimes i feel bi polar
i get confused i dont know where to go
so i stop.. slow the tempo
I aint got hours in my day to smoke with people like you
wastin my minutes like a cell phone that you merely abuse
with crooked views at first I questioned and these unpaid dues
confuse me not no second guessin session veterans never lose
grab your pipe cuz you look confused
rockin the mic with your unpaid dues
lifes a bitch we win or lose
how many people dont got a clue
dont got a clue gotta figure it out
Kottonmouth Kings will put it in your mouth
eeh haw dont feed the donkeys me and my honkeys smoke that sonkey
yer done, go to bed, pipe it, bye

got nothin
got nothing to say

the ? is full of sharks
the waters not that deep
a bunch of dirty sharks are snapping at my sleeve
their poisoning my weed
i think im gonna bleed
and now im gonna jump-aca

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