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Dismal Euphony


Dismal Euphony

Фотография  Dismal Euphony (photo  Dismal Euphony)

Simply Dead


Shine for me, misery

Devils rapture their coils

Suffer the fathomless end

Until we parche, with sermons, again

Strangle me slowly

Enter my palace of pain

Cover your screams

'Cause the wind will carry all your words away

Pass me the bottle

Pass me the venomous wine

Pass me this deadly brew

And I will drink and die, again

Shine for me lust and thorns

Compromise carven in suns

Hatred of my own feet

I will never be able to walk this ground, again

The rain has waited too long, too long

Pass me the bottle and

I will drink and die, again

Shine for me, Misery!!!

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