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Мертвые Кеннеди


Dead Kennedys

Фотография  Мертвые Кеннеди (photo  Dead Kennedys)

День рождения: 06.1978Год рождения: 1978
Возраст: 41 год
Место рождения: Сан Франциско, США

Quotes of Dead Kennedys

Американская панк-рок группа

  • ⋅Yes, there was! Well, it was early in our career -- we didn't quite have a full set, so we did some wacky covers. Yeah! / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅Pulling those tapes out and listening to the whole thing, it definitely brought a smile to my face. I had totally forgotten "Have I The Right." / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅Rock bands of all time? (pause) Well actually, I was kinda behind the times because I grew up in the '70s, but I was not in touch with '70s music. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅I was listening to Pink Floyd's first record with Syd Barrett playing guitar. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅Then he left the band after that. And I was into the Ohio Players and stuff. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅Ha! Well, Dead Kennedys have always had a sense of humor. / Dead Kennedys
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  • ⋅I think you can communicate to more people and get ideas across if you have a sense of humor. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅But I think you have to have a sense of humor to survive, especially in the times nowadays. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅Yeah, yeah. We were still -- the funny thing was that my solo stuff, Ray's solo stuff, DH's solo stuff -- there were no problems with the royalties from those records. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅It was only on the Dead Kennedys material that royalties were being withheld from us. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅Because that's where the money was. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅The Republican recall election of Gray Davis with Schwarzenegger is just another attempt to detract attention away from the fact that they're not finding anything in Iraq. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅Shooting out cop tires sounds like loads and loads of fun. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅Anarchy sounds good to me. Then someone asks, who'd fix the sewers? / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅Economy is looking bad, let's start another war. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅How many liberators really want to be dictators? / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅If we fight each other, the police state wins. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅No wonder others hate us and the Hitlers we handpick to bleed their people dry for our evil empire. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅Thank you for your toilet paper, but your flag is meaningless to me. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅Walked up the Hill to touch it, then I unzipped my pants and pissed on it when nobody was looking. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅We are gathered here today to take photos of the President pretending to mourn. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅We want people boiling for revenge in their living rooms so we can go play shoot-em-up anywhere we choose. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅We wanna save the whales, we'll watch them feed. Buzz around them in boats, 'til they won't breed. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅A magazine says your face don't look right unless you wear our brand new wonder creme tonight. / Dead Kennedys
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  • ⋅Forget honesty, forget creativity, the dumbest buy the mostest. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅Home taping is killing big entertainment industry profits, we left side two blank so you can help. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅Same old stupid sexist lyrics, or is Satan all you can think of? / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅Surround you with pop fantasies just slightly out of reach to soften all the blows of your forced daily routine. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅We're the world industry's thought lords, the entertainment wing. We keep you in line by fixing your free will, surround you with pop fantasies. / Dead Kennedys
  • ⋅I'm proud of my trophies, like my empty beer cans. / Dead Kennedys
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