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Фотография  Curve (photo  Curve)

Think And Act


I know you better than yourself

You think and act but you can't move into ...

I've heard suspicions in the middle of the night

... other ...

Some people say I'm ...

and some people say I'm false

But others say I'm [arrogant]

but what do they know, what do they know

They all say I won't listen

I won't listen to any criticism

If they could be me for a day of their [lives]

Then they'd know, then they'd say

They'd say ... to the [ground]

And I ... anymore

I know you

You think and act but you can't, you cant, you just can't

I've heard suspicions, they don't mean a thing to me

Now [now] you know me so well

You just ... to the [ground]


Ooh, we are in paradise

We, we are in paradise

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