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Crash Test Dummies


Crash Test Dummies

Фотография  Crash Test Dummies (photo  Crash Test Dummies)

Quotes of Crash Test Dummies


  • ⋅My first musical experiences were probably that of listening to my dad play the piano and my mom singing along. / Crash Test Dummies
  • ⋅Then i began taking piano lessons myself, but my teacher was a horrid old bitch, so i quit. / Crash Test Dummies
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  • ⋅My studies very much influenced my earlier songwriting, which tended to be more cerebral than my current work. / Crash Test Dummies
  • ⋅Nowadays, i have grown bored of trying to figure things out. i don't read anymore. / Crash Test Dummies
  • ⋅Our recent recordings are different from our earlier recordings in that they are more about attitude and less about ideas. / Crash Test Dummies
  • ⋅Also, in our new live shows, i get to strut around the stage like a rock-star-jack-ass and hurl abuse at the audience, something which they seem to love. go figure. / Crash Test Dummies
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