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Concrete Blonde


Concrete Blonde

Фотография  Concrete Blonde (photo  Concrete Blonde)

Long Time Ago


When you turned out the light

And walked out the door

I said to myself

What did i come here for?

Did you have a good time

Drinking whiskey and ryhme

And did you want to be

Bonnie and clyde?

What goes on in your mind,

What goes on in your head?

Who did you think i would be

Ha, well you got me instead.

You think there's some connection

That i'm your female reflection

But no...

I can be loyal

And (a) i can be true

But that's for somebody else

And it will never be you.

You think we're predetermined

But babe you're learning

Way to slow...

But it seems such a long time ago.

[er, something that sounds like "go, fishman" right before the solo]

(oh...) he can see things

You'll never know how to see.

He's three times the man

You'll never know how to be.

I'll do anything he wants

And i'll go anywhere

He wants me to go.

And if that isn't love

Then i guess i'll just never know.

But it seems a long time ago...

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