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Collective Soul


Collective Soul

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Quotes of Collective Soul

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  • ⋅There are so many different variables. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅I've always enjoyed the chance to see different places and meet people, see friends…but you miss family. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅Touring always has its positives and negatives - it's all in a person's ways of dealing with it. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅Like we talked about before, I love seeing different places, so that part is great. / Collective Soul
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  • ⋅It's been pretty consistent across the nation. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅We've been lucky with that. Denver was great. Portland should be rock in. Phoenix was a rip in crowd. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅The crowds give us our energy. That's what it's all about, man. That's why you play. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅Musically, we were challenging each other and ourselves. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅Shane has been doing more programming. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅He did the loop on "No More, No Less." Ross singing more, like on "Dandy Life." / Collective Soul
  • ⋅Deep down, we're still just a rock band. One dimension is emotion, and another is sound. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅We push ourselves to be a better rock band. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅That was weird, that whole time was weird, ...There's something really bizarre about looking out at all those people when just a few months before we were playing to ourselves and a few hundred in local clubs. We were only just a band. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅To be honest we needed to get back home as well. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅It had been more than 18 months away and we all just needed to get back to who we were. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅Just see our families, friends. Get things in perspective again. / Collective Soul
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  • ⋅This business can get to you and it can change you. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅We always heard it but until you experience it you never know for yourself. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅And, yeah, you can get bitten. I feel honestly sorry for anybody who finds themselves in a similar situation to the one we were in. / Collective Soul
  • ⋅But in a strange way I guess we are the better for it. Perhaps, we wouldn't have made the album we did if it wasn't for it. / Collective Soul
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