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The Church


The Church

Фотография  The Church (photo  The Church)

Quotes of The Church

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  • ⋅You know the thing is - this is very misleading. We've always jammed - that's how we write. / The Church
  • ⋅And that's funny because I've seen a few people who have kind of interpreted this idea of jamming differently. / The Church
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  • ⋅Some people - if you said to someone the band is having a "writing" session - they would regard that differently than if I said we were having a "jamming" session. / The Church
  • ⋅Jams sort of imply a kind of slack kind of - you know what I mean - a goofing off kind of thing? / The Church
  • ⋅When you've got all this creativity, but you're not sure where it's going - and as soon as it kind of reveals itself a little bit - where it wants to go - then you sort of jump on that. / The Church
  • ⋅But I don't really know how the album came to be like that - except it was a kind of accident. / The Church

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