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Фотография  Centinex (photo  Centinex)



Seven enshrined souls

Stranded on a journey far

On a shore of sorrow

All the tears are gleam

I'm your undivined God

The rain is slipping

through your hands

Feared by the golden thorns

A graveyard of wasted memories

I'm your undivined God

Now descending

on black withering wings

As the sun burns red

I wrap my arms around you

A wasteland of burn marks,

a temple of shadows

Reflections eternal,

I touched the deeper dawn

I enchanted your heart,

the shades showed us the mark

Your life is written in blood

In love, in time, in fear

A dark faced stranger

from yesterday

A void like a speachless silence

Or a sleeping empty lie

LIke a burning endless rainbow

From a dimension far away

Time to set the flaming sails

Off to the unknown we leave

Far away from the earthly

We are gone for now and ever

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