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Фотография  Centinex (photo  Centinex)

In Pain


Lost love beyond fallen sorrow

See the black dawn rise

We fell in ecstasy

Turning the mist into shadows

In pain I see the falling raindrops

As they sweap my naked flesh

In pain -

I dwell

My love -

Dream those endless dreams

Beyond the withering beauty

The moon will shine

red and bright

Carried by the golden wings

In pain I see the love fade

I can turn the sky to ever black

Roses fade in silent halls

As the snow covers the trees

Freeze the fear and promises

At the gates of the ancient light

Unblessed darkness burning still

In hell I will touch my soul

Thy my kingdom

has risen with pride

Cold scars and blackened rivers

The red sea echoes your name

You have sealed your wounds

The flowers slowly decay

In pain I see the falling rain drops

As they cover my naked flesh

At the gates of teh ancient light

Unblessed darkness burning still

Frozen tears in frozen eyes

Here I stand at the dawn of lies

Lead me into the Autumn years

Then the shades

shall dance before me

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