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Фотография  Badfinger (photo  Badfinger)

Quotes of Badfinger

рок группа

  • ⋅I started harmonica at the age of four, and when I was 12 I started the guitar. Then I played at school. / Badfinger
  • ⋅I was an apprentice television engineer when I decided to pack it up and go full-time, much to my father's disgust. / Badfinger
  • ⋅But I'm still interested and I like messing about with TV. / Badfinger
  • ⋅I can't deny it ... TV engineering was the job I'd wanted at the time, and I got what I wanted. / Badfinger
  • ⋅But in the long-term it would have been second best to being a musician. / Badfinger
  • ⋅I would like to think of Badfinger's music as mood music. / Badfinger
  • ⋅Something with a bit of feeling, whether it's hard or soft. / Badfinger
  • ⋅I've changed a great deal. I used to be vicious to my parents, just because they objected to me going full-time with a group. / Badfinger
  • ⋅Now I can see that all they wanted was the best for me. And we get on great. / Badfinger
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