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Фотография  Badfinger (photo  Badfinger)

Got To Get Out Of Here

рок группа

Gotta get outta here
A man who feels the space begins to need the wall
Gotta be others near
Maybe someone fills the space behind the fault
Maybe not at all
Maybe not at all

Baby, a man gets wise
To running 'round in circles
He ain't got no choice
Only the fool survives
Running 'round in circles
Trying to make some noise
Got no choice
He's got no choice

Well, I learned to live without face
Learned to feed my soul
I can learn the chords to right place
Hang onto my own

[keyboard solo]

I gotta find a place
See and dream
Who knows which way the dice will fall
I got a mind to face
But maybe I can find my place behind the wall
Maybe not at all
Maybe not at all

Well, I gotta get out of here
Gotta be others near
I gotta find a place
Somewhere without a race
I gotta know it all
Don't wanna be alone
Somewhere I wanna be
Something I really see
Gotta get out of here
Gotta get out of here
Gotta get out of here.

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