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Фотография  Athlete (photo  Athlete)

Место рождения: Лондон, Великобритания

Quotes of Athlete


  • ⋅We would talk through what we were writing about and he'd sing over it and then go either, 'I'm not sure about this bit or that bit' and we did the same with his lyrics, so the whole lyrics had a cohesiveness to them. / Athlete
  • ⋅It is a different process trying to let somebody else have ideas for your songs. / Athlete
  • ⋅But doing the strings was a lot of fun. / Athlete
  • ⋅I think the whole album sounds warmer and partly Joel's just learning to sing better. / Athlete
  • ⋅Every time we go into the studio he's getting more used to singing there and enjoying it a bit more. / Athlete

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