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Фотография  Adema (photo  Adema)

Quotes of Adema


  • ⋅Looking back, I love the first record we did because we were all brothers making music and having a great time, but the second record really wasn’t like that. / Adema
  • ⋅We wrote and recorded Unstable over the course of two months, where this new record took us a year to make. / Adema
  • ⋅We wanted to find someone that just wanted to play music and didn’t care about all the outside bullshit that goes on in this business, someone that just wanted to focus on making a great record. / Adema
  • ⋅That’s why it was a relief when Marky quit. / Adema
  • ⋅I think this record blows away the first 2 records. / Adema
  • ⋅If you listen to this record, there are parts of it that sound almost like classic rock and we always wanted to do stuff like that before, but with Marky we were very limited to what we could do. / Adema
  • ⋅With Luke, we have so much more diversity and we’re able to capture the full spectrum of what this band is capable of. / Adema
  • ⋅I think that certain things got to certain people’s heads. / Adema
  • ⋅When things get to your head and you lose sight of why you make music in the first place, it’s not going to go well. / Adema
  • ⋅I think that people’s hearts just weren’t into it and there were more important things for them, than making music. / Adema
  • ⋅With Adema, the most important thing to us has always been about the music. / Adema
  • ⋅Sueltan la lengua ademas nomas se hasen de palabras. / Adema
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