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38 Special


38 Special

Фотография  38 Special (photo  38 Special)

Little Sheba


I took a business trip

Down to Florida

I got a room at a Holiday Inn

There was an earthquake in California

Must be the reason why this place was shakin'

Down in the barroom it was

Loaded with servicemen

Elbow to elbow

I said: "Scuze me blood,

Just what is shakin'?"

He say, "Girls on the dance floor

Wrestling in jello"

And the joint was jammin'

From the pumpin' by the D.J.

They were rappin' and clappin'

When up steps Little Sheba


Little Sheba she's as tough as you find

She's the local color burnin' like a Florida Pine

They raise the girls on gator down here

Doncha know

Little sheba she's the favorite one

Everybody's got money on her 9 to 1

They raise the girls on gator down here

Doncha know

Into the ring steps her worthy opponent

A nasty little vixen with a New York vibe

Before Little Sheba could say,

"Welcome to Dixie"

She'd kick all her buttons

And punched out her headlights

And the crowd was reelin'

They were chomping and chanting

They can't believe what they're seein'

Didn't look good for Little Sheba


Now to make a long story

Just a little bit longer

Little Sheba was humbled on that humid night

She returned from emergency

With a fistfull of fractures

Our fabled femme fatale

Spoilin' for another fight


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